Meet Jennifer

What kindness can you be to you today that will change the realities of everyone around you?

Jennifer Lamkins

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

change agent, mom, and motivational speaker

My Story

There's a new level of ENERGY and INSPIRATION

I am showing up even more in all of my creations since I've chosen to share my abilities with others through coaching.  I believe in living my own wisdom and BEing the energy that I ask each of you to step into! 


I started coaching in 2013 and have been my best client by facilitating myself daily.  Since I've started this journey of empowering myself and unlocking all of the spaces I've held myself back I've created a #1 Best Selling Book, launched a wellness business and launched 3 amazing classes to offer more possibilities to others who felt as stuck as I was at the beginning of my journey. 


Today I am excited to continue coaching others to enhance their life with tools and exercises that change things quickly with more ease than most people are anticipating.  What can you have that you've always desired but weren't quite sure how to begin?

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